Below is a list of the minisymposia. Click on the title for a description.

MS01: Materials Modeling

Nien-Ti Tsou

MS02: Computational Biomedicine and biomechanics (Canceled)

Maxim Solovchuk and Tony W.H. Sheu

MS03: Structural Optimization

Chang-Wei Huang and Chien-Kai Wang

MS04: Computational Structural Dynamics for Bridges

Yu-Chi Sung, Fang-Yao Yeh, and Hsiao-Hui Hung

MS05: Recent Advances in Meshless (Meshfree) Methods

Chia-Ming Fan, Pai-Chen Guan, and Judy P. Yang

MS06: Atomistic and Multiscale Molecular Simulations of the Structural

and Mechanical Properties of Nanomaterials

Chun-Wei Pao and Wen-Jay Lee

MS07: Algorithms and Computations of Complex Fluids

Ching-Yao Chen, Yang-Yao Niu, and Shu-San Hsiau

MS08: Advanced Numerical Simulations for Fluid-Structure Interaction

Ming-Jyh Chern, Chao-An Lin, Tzyy-Leng Horng, and Wei-Hsin Tien

MS09: Advances in Structural Control and Health Monitoring of Civil Constructions

Kuo-Chun Chang, Tzu-Kang Lin, and Marco Bonopera

MS10: Modeling of composite materials, structures or systems

Yun-Che Wang and Sergei Alexandrov

MS11: Smart Structural Health Monitoring and Control Systems

Chi-Chang Lin, Lyan-Ywan Lu, and Shih-Yu Chu

MS12: Assessment and analysis of large-scale landslides

Meng-Chia Weng, Ching Hung, and Guan-Wei Lin

MS13: Biomechanical Analysis, Modeling, and Implant Designs

Po-Jen Shih, Chien-Hao Liu, and Che-Yu Lin

MS14: Computational Mechanics in Industry 4.0

Ming-Jyh Chern

MS15: 3D Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) and the Applications

Tso-Ren Wu, Chung-Yue Wang, and Chia-Ren Chu

MS16: Computational mechanics of nano- and bio- structures and materials for engineering applications

Shu-Wei Chang, Chuin-Shan David Chen and Tzu-Kang Lin

MS17: Applications of Multidisciplinary Computational Methods

Chieh-Tsan Hung, Jong-Shinn Wu, and Matthew Smith

MS18: Recent Advances on Modeling of Discrete Flow System
Fu-Ling Yang, Chuin-Shan David Chen and Leo Shen

MS19: Applications of Lattice Boltzmann method in fluid flow
Kuang C. Lin and Chao-An Lin

MS20: Earthquake Engineering and Structure Analysis
Ren-Zuo Wang and Fu-Pei Hsiao