7-01-2015 Important Dates
7-01-2015 Call for Mini­symposia
8-01-2015 Call for Abstract Submission
8-01-2015 Conference FAQs
8-15-2015 Second Call for Abstract Submission
9-01-2015 We have received more than 120 abstracts. Nevertheless, due to many requests, we will extend the deadline for abstract submission to September 7. This is final call!
9-07-2015 Final Call for Abstract Submission
9-22-2015 Preliminary General Program
10-12-2015 Technical Program
10-20-2015 Welcome Party on Wednesday 10/21; don’t miss it!
11-07-2015 Thank you for your participation in the first ACMT conference. The photos can be viewed from the following links:
Day 0: Welcome Party
Day 1: Conference
Day 1: Appreciation Party
Day 2: Conference
Day 2: Banquet


Welcome to the First Computational Mechanics Conference in Taiwan (台灣計算力學會議) to be held at National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan during October 22-23, 2015. The conference aims to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to discuss and share the latest findings and developments in all aspects of computational mechanics. Following the tradition of IACM (International Association of Computational Mechanics) events, the conference will not only cover computational solid and fluid mechanics but also a wide range of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research topics in engineering and science related to computation.